a life worth living

I spend my thursday nights at the salvation army corps in old orchard beach, me teaching the high schoolers about Jesus. What a blessing it’s been. I find that no matter what topic is we are discussing or book of the bible we are studying I leave every week feeling that god has put me there to learn from them instead of them learning from me. I hope and pray that maybe there will be at least one of these kids that might take something away from what I am presenting and even maybe apply it to their lives, but I am amazed week after week how much these kids already have a desire and passion for Jesus.I am anxious to see what they present to me I asked the question “is it harder to live with relationships or with rules”?

Not needing to get into to much detail and get off track of my point, but Jesus is using this class to his advantage. I have grown so much in him and my passion for living with him has never been greater. He has opened my eyes and heart to so many new and exciting things in this world. I know that my life is now meant to be devoted to his service and I am applying my love to full time service in ministry with the salvation army. God has blessed my life in some many ways and so many times and I know he is not done with me.

The more I trust in him the more he blesses me. I believe human nature is to react instead of trusting. When a situation arises, honestly how often do we stop settle down and listen for god’s direction? If we all were to be truthful I feel the answer would be very rarely. But how silly is that? He knows everything and would never put us in a situation that we can not handle so why wouldn’t our first reaction be to just stop and trust. Right now in my there are some are some fears that satan keeps attacking me with but I am learning to let it go and give it god. I know I am going in circles but I can’t get enough of what love and experiences I am living with right now thru him. Without him my world was dark, with him only sometimes my world was gray but with him always life is glorious! With him by my side, it’s truly “a life worth living:!

God Bless!!!!

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Reality check

The world is a scary place, well so i thought. Going each day not knowing where you are going or what you are doing, feeling like you are just walking, breathing almost pretending to live. Acting like you know what a life is. Yeah that’s scary stuff, so my question is why do we do it to ourselves? Why do we put ourselves through such pain, anxiety and stress? Do we just like pain or comfortable with living that way we just assume that this is the best it’s going to get. I mean I’m not rich, I don’t have a nice car, I can’t even find a descent person to hang out with.

I used to walk that path, that was my life my way of thinking. I knew life wasn’t going to get any better. Then it happened, something we all need to do especially those that are walking the road I was. Surrender, that’s the key! We grow up and forget all the fun little stories we learn in sunday school or summer camps but those are taught to us young for a reason. It’s so we don’t get off track, god’s track. Once you let go and let god put away your pride and selfish desire it’s amazing what he can do for you. He has a plan and he’s just waiting for us to surrender and let him show it to us. Why do we want to live those sluggish live when we have the opportunity to live as kings and know true love and true happiness? God has a love stronger than anything in this world and he wants to wrap his loving arms around us and work in our lives.

Is it really that hard to give up a worldly life? Does sex, alcohol, drugs, certain music, etc mean that much to us that it’s not worth living in pure happiness and love? Look at Abraham god asked him to sacrifice his beloved son, he followed god’s direction and just before the knife fell god stopped him and said dude that’s awesome I love you and will bless you beyond anything you can think of. He so did for generations his family grew and grew and was blessed the whole way. That’s worth a sacrifice if you ask me!

Bottom line, it’s time for a reality check! Look in your heart and ask god what he wants you to surrender, and watch him work in your life. Stay faithful always and you’ll be living the life you’ve always wanted! Praise god for all his wonderful works and love!

God Bless <><

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